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Power Down Day

As part of our ongoing work to achieve our ‘Green Flag’ from Eco-Schools we took part in the ‘World Day of Action, Power Down Day’ on 7th November.

The Eco-Council designed posters to put up around the school and spoke to their own class to help raise awareness of the day. The P4 to P7 Eco-Councillors also informed P1, P2 and P3 classes about how we should try to reduce our energy consumption on ‘Power Down Day’. The P4 Eco-Councillors even reminded the younger pupils about Power Down Day at the beginning of assembly! Ideas included turning off some of the lights in the corridors, resource areas and classrooms; switching lights off when leaving a room and not using the computer and interactive whiteboard for the day!

Each day (in the morning and afternoon) from Monday 4 November to Friday 8 November the P7 Eco-Councillors went with Mrs Boyce to take readings of our energy usage for the day. This would help us to work out our average daily energy usage.

We are delighted to announce that we were very successful. The results show that we were able to save approximately a quarter of our average daily usage on ‘Power Down Day’. Congratulations to the pupils and staff for all your efforts – keep up the good work!

The next challenge for the Eco-Council is the European Week for Waste Reduction … more details to follow.

Eco-Council go together to take the energy reading on Tuesday afternoon during the Eco-Council meeting.

P7 Eco Councillors with their posters.