The Dundonald Primary School BuildingDundonald Primary School
 Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Thank you to those of you who sent bottles in. Unfortunately, due to the wet weather on the day of our Summer Fair, we were unable to assemble it. However, due to the commitment of our parents, our greenhouse is almost finished and we have to say a huge thank you to the parents who have given up their time to help us.

Thanks go to Mr Robert Montgomery (who kindly gave up his time to build the frame), Mr Colin Brannigan, Mrs Stephanie Burton, Jennifer Dunseath and her father, Mrs Lisa Hamilton, Mrs Ruiz, Mrs Myrtle McCabrey and her aunt who is on holiday here! They helped put the bottles on the canes and nailed the canes to the frame.

Mr Boyce has also kindly agreed to come and put the roof on to finish this project!

We will add the final photo when we finish the project!

The first plastic bottles are placed on the Greenhouse!

Putting the bottles on the canes.

The first wall!

The Eco-Council in front of the greenhouse!