The Dundonald Primary School BuildingDundonald Primary School

House System

The school is divided into 5 houses (pupils & staff).

Upon joining Dundonald Primary School, pupils are placed into a House, in which they will remain until they leave the school. Family members are allocated to the same House.

House Captains and Vice Captains are chosen from Primary 7 to lead their respective houses, to motivate their fellow pupils and organise the inter-house competitions.

 House Name


Captains and Vice Captains 2016/17

House Monthly
Lions Red Captains:
Alexandra Dougherty & Sam Dickson

Mya Thompson & Daniel Knipe

Tigers Blue

Eva Rainey & Ben Glasgow

Isabella Graham & Sam Owen

Cheetahs Green  Captains:
Iona Kesson & Karl Martin

Joey Chan & Peter Wright

Leopards Yellow  Captains:
Nikita McCartney & Jude Anderson

Saffy Shaw & Jude Burns

Jaquars Purple   Captains:
Faye Fulton & Matthew Sloan

Carrie Magee & Oliver Liddell

Pupils can earn points for their House through:
  • Individual achievements for behaviour/helping others
  • Individual achievements as part of a musical group, sporting team or other group
  • Individual participation in any activity as a representative of the school
  • Inter-House competitions
  • Attendance – pupils with 100% at end of each month

Certificates are awarded in each month in assembly for progress and responsibility. The Inter-House PTA Cups are awarded at the end of each month for attendance and at the end of the year for the winning house. 

Photographs of our monthly winners are displayed in the assembly hall.