The Dundonald Primary School BuildingDundonald Primary School


At Dundonald we view the teaching of Language and Literacy in a holistic way, taking account of the integral nature of the areas of Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing which extend across all areas of the curriculum.  Children's language is central to their ability to communicate in relationships and learning, to understand ideasand to order, explore and refine their thoughs.  Children will be given the opportunity to listen and respond appropriately and effectively to a range of stimuli including multi-media.


Mathematics is an essential life skill used in virtually every aspect of work.  At Dundonald, we aim to develop a love for the subject.  Our pupils engage in a wide variety of practical experiences and activities encompassing all areas of mathematics including measurement, shape and space, data handling and number.  A major emphasis is also placed ont he development of mental skill and problem solving to help our pupils become confident mathematicians.