The Dundonald Primary School BuildingDundonald Primary School

About the School

Dundonald Primary School sits in the most wonderful setting amongst 7 acres of mature landscaped grounds.  There has been a school in existence and serving the community of Dundonald since 1844. 

In May 2006 we moved into our new school providing a 21st centre of excellence for present and future generations who choose Dundonald Primary School for the first 7 years of their child's education. 

The facilities in the new school are outstanding in their provision and have been designed to meet the needs of education in the 21st century.

The school aims to provide a happy disciplined environment where physical development of each child is promoted through the provision of a rich and varied programme as required by the Northern Ireland Curriculum. 

The present staffing consists of the Principal, Vice Principal, 19 full-time teachers and 7 part-time teachers.  Learning support is currently provided in English and Maths and English as an Additional Language.  Visiting teachers tutor strings, brass and woodwind.  The administrative staff, classroom assistants, building supervisor, cleaners, supervisory assistants and catering staff all have important roles to ensure that the aims of the school are met.